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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 25, 2012 4:00am-6:00am PST

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here. christmas cheer from the north pole to times square this morning. we've been tracking santa around the world. and he's getting closer, right now. we're counting down to a very special visit right here, on "gma." and a very, very good morning to all of you. merry christmas to each and every one of you. it is fair to say, we are in both a holly and a jolly mood this morning. so glad all of you are joining us, for a little bit of your christmas holiday. robin, of course, at home recovering. saying hello to you, between the toes. george also at home with his family. great to be joined by my compatriots, lara and sam on this christmas holiday. >> great to have you both in my life. and wishing you a really wonderful morning. today on the show, we have a
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christmas morning roundtable, with spiritual leaders, discussing faith in our lives right now. it's an important discussion to have right now. we look forward to that. also ahead this morning, you know her from "dancing with the stars." katherine jenkins is here with a sa song that is absolutely perfect for this morning, christmas morning. i can't even bring myself to say shh because her voice is so incredible. >> it stops you in your tracks. >> i know. i could listen to it all morning. something we want to show you. these kids, there's a surprise on the way. they don't know it, but santa is going to visit. >> making his way down the chimney, i believe, as we speak. we are pretaping the show, so we can be home with our families and loved ones. we want to start, live, with the top stories developing right now. >> merry christmas, everyone. many people are waking up to a white christmas this morning. it is a blessing for the kids.
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for the adults, well, some conditions are causing christmas chaos. here's abc's rob nelson. >> reporter: no dreaming necessary this year. it is going to be a white christmas for large portions of the u.s., from new england to california's sierra mountains. >> this is as white as we want it to be. >> reporter: but for many, it's turned their simple over the river and through the woods holiday trip, into a chaotic travel nightmare. >> we are hoping we don't sit on the runway. >> reporter: it's no picnic for the little travelers, either. >> want to get there. we're going to be late. come on. >> reporter: a storm is forecast to hit oklahoma this morning. the midwest will see themselves socked with snow by wednesday, which may end up inconveniencing tens of millions of travelers on the day after christmas, one of the heaviest travel days of the whole year. >> most people traveling for the holidays in six years. >> reporter: northern california's snowfall, more than six feet in the sierra mountains, caused the grounding
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of hundreds of flights in the san francisco area. >> found out my flight had been canceled after four hours in the airport. >> reporter: and driving wasn't much better. >> the roads are pretty bad. there's spinouts further east. >> reporter: in upstate new york, the first snow of the season brought snow and howling winds. >> the winds were fierce. it was blowing the cars around. even the semis were swerving. >> reporter: in warmer areas, flooding was in areas that hasn't seen a storm like this in years. >> i'm happy i renewed my flood insurance this year. >> reporter: and for some, the weather was a good excuse to stay inside, at the mall. >> it's the holiday season. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, new york. pope benedict is using christmas to call for peace in the middle east. at last night's mast, he called on us to find time in our hectic
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lives for children, the poor and god. the pontiff noted with the time-saving technology, that people have less time for what matters in life. in west new york, a community is mourning two firefighters that were shot to death as they responded to a call. the shooter, 62-year-old ex-con, killed himself. several homes burned down. and the gunman's sister who lived with him, is among those still unaccounted for. the entertainment world is mourning actor jack klugman. best moknown for playing oscar madison in "the odd couple." klugman had dozens of other credits in films and television. including an emmy for a dramatic role. jack klugman was 90 years old. and a denver man is hoping for more than most this christmas. he's hoping for a new life, courtesy of the white house. eight years ago, a brutal
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beating left benjamin kyle with no memory of who he is. and as a result, he has no identification. he is hoping a petition to the white house will help him get a new social security number, as well as a new life. here's a look at your christmas day forecast. there could be severe storms, tornadoes in alabama, mississippi and louisiana. foggy this morning from tallahassee to atlanta. heavy snow in oklahoma. and a storm moves in the northwest. cool temperatures in the upper midwest. with the windchill, fargo, you're going to feel like 35 below. new york and baltimore will warm up to the mid-40s. sacramento, portland and seattle are in the 40s, as well.
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and shoppers in seoul, south korea, they got a christmas eve surprise. ♪ >> that's a flash mob singing carols in a mall. but it started with that solo saxophone player, as you just heard. and then, it spread through social media and mobile devices because that's what happens on social media. and everyone seems to get into the holiday spirit. we hope that you are having a wonderful christmas. that is the news for us for now. we're going to have more in just a half hour. back over to you. >> thank you. it is a christmas tradition here at "good morning america,"
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to bring the other group of spiritual leaders to talk about the role of faith in our lives. joining us, the arch bishop of baltimore, also, miles macpherson, former san diego charger and l.a. rams draftee. also the head pastor and founder of the rock church. good morning to you all. so much to speak about, especially right now, in this country. and the role that faith plays. and how we rely on it, i think, in times of great need. just days ago, tragedy struck. in fact, a town very near and dear to your heart, archbishop, the town of newtown, connecticut. >> until a few months ago, i was the bishop there. and visited newtown many times. the news struck home in a deep and personal way.
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when you know the community and you know some of the people. i probably confirmed some of the siblings of those children. the pastor there, and the two priests, are my former colleagues. so, you really feel what they're going through. >> i've had a lot of people ask me on twitter, actually, people pointing out in these times, people do tend to turn to god and to faith. and it becomes the bedrock. what are your congregations saying about this? and what are you telling them? >> well, you know, hurt is significant. fear, significant. but to say, hey, god's promises really are like the stars at night. they shine brightest when it's darkest. when you have faith, the person who has the significant why, can bear what comes.
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>> it takes something like this to get us to pray, to get us to church and talk about him. people are learning more about commandos, killing commandos, than god's commandments. god could tell us, i want you to teach my kids about prayer before this happens. teach them about my commandments before this happens and maybe it wouldn't happen. and you'll be prepared for it. >> it inspired a great deal of fear. and parents are wondering how to talk to their kids. there were many instances where the headlines might have evoked a certain fear. how do you deal, again, with adverse times, that seem at times, to have no end? >> i think number one, we come together. we rely on the lord. but we also come together as a community to pray. when we're in difficult times, we need each other. if you're unemployed, if you don't have the necessities of
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life, if you have troubles in the family, the lord wants us to be connected to him. but through him, to one another. that's what church is about. that's what community is about. solidarity is about. and that's what we also do to contribute to our larger society, is by modeling what this sense of oneness and solidarity in the lord is all about. >> and i think, you know, we've had terrible things, especially with hurricane sandy and the economy. but i think it's our perspective to please god not to please ourself. not living to be happy but to be holy. we have a different perspective when unfortunate things happen. they're opportunities for us to help someone. they're opportunities to grow closer to the lord. the reason people get angry, we don't get what we want. we love and we desire things we want. but if all we want is to please god and praise god, things
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happen in our life, how do i respond to this and draw closer to you? >> it's a different world, as well. i want to ask you, archbishop. it's the year that the pope joined twitter. social media, impacting, i think the role of faith in our lives. you were in rome when this happened. >> i was there. i saw him do it. and the role of social media is so important. for example, in the archdiocese of baltimore, we're using the social media to reach out to the folks in newtown. having everybody in the archdiocese to offer prayers. they're coming in through our social media. and we're communicating that up to the folks in newtown. just as a way -- it really can bring people together. it's got its down sides. but we can also use it for the gospel. >> the collective love and outpouring on twitter, certainly important. thank you so much. it's a wonderful tradition. it's great to have all of you here. happy holidays to you all.
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lara? >> thank you, josh. now that you hopefully have gotten that really cool gift that you wanted, it's time to figure out how to get the gadgets to work and make sure they don't break. never fear, though. our tech guru, becky worley is here, with great tips. >> thank you. >> great to have you in person. usually see you by skype. >> in my kitchen. but i'm here to help you with all of the gadgets you received as gifts. >> one of the biggest gifts of the year, ipads, iphones. let's start with them. how do we protect them? >> this is the time. you got your great gadget. if you're in love with it, take care of your little baby, okay? what you're trying to avoid is turning this into this. ooh. we do not want the cracked screen. >> it is like one fall and it can happen. >> absolutely. and especially when teens are getting these gifts. the thing you'll notice is a lot of people say, put a case on it right away. this thing is like a tank.
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putting this in your pocket is a serious endeavor. there are some with a little more silicone with rounded corners. those seem to do the best job protecting you. i do a lot of drop testing, intentionally and unintentionally. and what really makes a difference is a screen protector. when you put one of these on your phone, it really helps to protect the screen. and it's the least intrusive. get a screen protector on, if you do nothing else for your new baby. >> and the cases, they don't cost a lot of money. >> and if you get a bright one, ladies, you can see it at the bottom of your purse, instead of the black phone. >> what about insurance? >> that's a new thing. we've seen warranties in the past. and people took you off it and said, don't get the warranty. these days, when you're talking about an item, maybe you got it for 200 bucks. but replacing it would cost $500. here's my rule of thumb.
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if you work outdoors, you're prone to dropping this thing in the toilet, or give it to a teen, think about insurance. there's companies like square trade or your carrier, especially, is offering these. the rest of us, maybe you can get away with not getting the insurance. >> it's worth looking into, at least. what about if we've upgraded? we've gotten a really fancy phone. and upgrading from the old-school. >> 62% of us, according to a survey by a company called lookout, 62% of us have gadgets stuffed in a drawer. turn those into dollars. sell them now. you can use, key exchange. you can use ebay. that's where i found you get the best prices. but what you need to know is they lose value the longer they sit in the drawer. so, sell them now. >> great advice. big question. how do i get the new gadget to
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work? >> right. >> i'm dying to use it. my kids go through this. they get this thing and i'm so scared for that. >> right. you have lots of different services that are available to you. you know about the geek squad. that's a subscription service. if you get a new mac, you can go to apple and get their one-to-one training services, where they give you weekly lessons for $99 a year. my best advice, find a geeky kid in the neighborhood. the price is right. they're more flexible. and they'll be responding to your ever embarrassing question. >> i want you to get to your last test. >> the one thing i recommend on christmas, is to bust out the freezer bags and the sharpies. every new gadget. you label what it is. the warranty, the instructions, extra cables and everything you get with it. only then do you throw it into that drawer. >> when you want to sell it on
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gazelle or ebay. >> or you need the cord. i'm here for you. >> we thank you so much. merry christmas. >> same to you. >> sam, great tips. >> those are great ideas. >> i feel so unorganized now. i couldn't feel less organized. >> that's going to change. we have something else, by the way. christmas morning, you want to hear good news. we have good news. a very special delivery from the heroes at toys for tots, who are making it a special christmas for families of superstorm sandy. parents went through a devastating hurricane. and they might not be in a position to give the kids all they want this year. rockaway beach, in queens, new york, a community torn apart by the fury of hurricane sandy. rubble and debris still piled up along the 11 miles of homes and businesses. like many other kids in this storm-ravaged neighborhood,
4:17 am
these students at st. rose of lima school in the rockaways, have had little to smile about, since the storm came through nearly two months ago. but on this day, there are plenty of smileses a s ans and hopes, thanks to a couple of warm-hearted guys from cleveland, ohio. who came 500 miles with a truck full of toys for the kids who have lost so much. dominick is a jazz trumpeter. and kevin, a monster truck driver. it may sound like an unlikely pairing. but they have common ground, in their desire to give back this holiday season, to a group of kids they don't even know. >> i was originally going to do it for the cleveland area. but i saw how bad it was up here. and i thought, these kids need it more than anything. >> tremendous joy just to help these kids a little bit. >> reporter: and the marines' toys for tots program is their
4:18 am
partner in a giant toy give away. >> it's easy to for get that the kids lost their toys, too. >> reporter: a little holiday music, jazz-style, to kick off the fun. ♪ jingle bells jingle all the way ♪ >> reporter: then, it's the moment everyone's been waiting for. hundreds of gifts up for grabs. >> oh, yeah. >> i got a barbie doll. >> i got the same one. >> reporter: from pre-k to eighth grade, it's smiles for all ages. and it's the true meaning of christmas, shining bright. >> after all of the devastation and the struggle, they're so happy now. >> makes me happy. >> merry christmas. ♪ >> happy faces. that's what you want to see. especially after a storm like that, you don't want people to
4:19 am
think they're forgotten. good news. >> we're with you always. also with us today, mario batali. our special guest co-host, joining us for the entire 8:00 a.m. hour. we also have katherine jenkins singing for us. she is gorgeous. it was one of our favorite stories of the year. you don't want to miss this. robin brought us this. the inspiring story of a young man whose wedding dance with his bride is one you'll never, ever forget. >> happy holidays from afghanistan. i'm from tampa, florida. i want to say merry christmas to my life, lauren, my son, gabriel, my daughters case and brooke. and good morning, america. >> i want to say merry christmas to my wife and my two children. >> i'm corporal brett bass. i'm from seattle, washington. i want to say merry christmas, to my parents and my friends. and good morning, america.
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♪ oh christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪
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♪ da, da, da, da, da da, da, da, da, da ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ da, da, da, da ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ how ever green your branches ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ your branches are unchanging ♪ da, da, da, da, da, da, da ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ da, da, da, da, da ♪ jingle bells jingle bells ♪ ♪ jingle all the way ♪ oh, what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh ♪
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♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ how lovely are your branches ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ how long your branches are to be ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree oh, christmas tree ♪ ♪ how lovely are your branches ♪ ♪ oh, christmas tree
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♪ ♪ it's been said many times, many way s ♪ ♪ merry christmas to you ♪ standing right there. you can't believe the voice -- >> of an angel. >> it's come right there. live. it's terrific. what a thrill to hear katherine jenkins this morning, as we have a holiday classic you don't want
4:30 am
to miss, from her just ahead. we wish all of you a merry christmas. robin at home recovering. between the toes. george enjoying the day with his family. great to have the compatriots, lara and sam, by my side. we're taping this show today, so we can be at home with our loved ones, come christmas day. we're so excited. we're going to have a fourth compatriot. this is really letting the kids play. mario batali is spending christmas morning with us. he'll be our special co-host for the entire 8:00 hour. good foods and funs. >> there's food, right? >> and cross your fingers. guess what? everybody is upstairs waiting for face time with santa. get a chance to spend one-on-one time with santa. >> i think he's making his way down the chimney right now.
4:31 am
we want to start you off with the live top stories. >> the pope is calling on people to find time for things that really matter in life. in his christmas eve message, the pontiff said with all of the tech tools in our lives, we seem to have less time for kids, the poor and god. he also prayed for peace in the middle east, especially between israelis and palestinians. and in syria. he returned to that theme thaga this morning. stormy weather could make christmas day travel hazardous. even tornadoes are a threat in alabama, mississippi and louisiana. and more people are hitting the road than in years past. >> most people traveling for the holiday in six years. this means that any bad weather we might be seeing in the coming days, could result in serious disruptions. >> and because of the stormy weather, delays are possible at ten major airports, from boston to san francisco.
4:32 am
>> and finally. you may have heard of this guy before. we want to introduce you to santa claus. at least that's what it says on his driver's license and his credit cards. he changed his name officially last spring. he plays santa at a mall and at parties. and works construction the rest of the year. his wife still calls him frank. he's probably on his way back to the north pole right now. that's the news. we'll toss it back to you. on a morning like this, you
4:33 am
think of people you love. you just can't help it. we're thinking of robin, who is enjoying the day with her family this morning. and there is a story she brought us this year that we loved. and robin was very, very proud of it. it's about a young couple who needed a miracle. they had the heart and tenacity to make that miracle happen. there's a laugh and cry alert. you're going to see a story that will stay with you for a very long time. it's a perfect story for a holiday like this. >> reporter: at 6'4", 285 pounds, ronnie curry was a force of nature. as a star defensive tackle for georgetown university. after college, he met the love of his life. and they moved out west. august 5th, 2006 happened. he spent the afternoon playing beach volleyball with some friends. between games, he ran down the ocean to cool off. he dove into the waves, hit a
4:34 am
sandbar and was instantly paralyzed from the neck-down. you're in the water. you can't move. waves are crashing over you. what's going through your mind at that point? >> there was a moment when i was thinking, that could be my last breath. >> reporter: fortunately, an off-duty emt pulled him ashore. and they rushed him to the hospital. a doctor delivered the devastating news to his girlfriend, susan. >> she looked my in the eye and said, you need to be prepared for him never to walk again and walked away. i'll never forget that. >> reporter: with his spinal cord fractured, he spent two months in intensive care, developed pneumonia and nearly died twice. >> he came to me and said, you don't need to do this. you don't need to be here. i promised him that, as long as his heart and his mind stayed the same, that i would love him. >> reporter: that love would change everything. as his health returned, the reality was grim.
4:35 am
then, a ray of hope. you're told about a place in louisville, kentucky, that could be of help. >> we came to learn about dr. harper. she was the one who told us there is hope for recovery. >> the spinal cord is very sophisticated. >> reporter: she developed motor training. christopher reeve was among her first test subjects. >> the first day i got there, they put me on the treadmill. i passed out in seven seconds. i was able to stay up for 15 minutes. and then, an hour. two or three months after that, i started wiggling one of my toes, which was an incredible moment. i thought, i have a chance here. >> reporter: then, a big idea. with the help of family, friends and the christopher and dana reeve foundation, they opened next step fitness in los
4:36 am
angeles. for not only yanni, where anyone in the community could get local motor training. a year and a half after the accident, they turned tragedy into a future together. their wedding song, "better together," so appropriate. >> most relationships don't make it through this situation. she sacrificed a lot. i'm blessed. she's an incredible woman, a wonderful wife. i wouldn't be here without her. >> reporter: you are traveling this journey together, aren't you? >> yep. it's a difficult one. but it's a wonderful one, too. >> it's okay. real men can cry. >> yeah. >> reporter: and three years after doctors told them yanni had no hope of recovery, this incredible moment.
4:37 am
yanni's first steps with a walker. and today, five years after his accident, we get a firsthand look at another amazing milestone. he is attempting to stand for the first time, on his own, without a walker. >> standing. he's standing. >> reporter: what's the sensation like for you? >> i forget how tall i was. >> reporter: my heart is pounding. people have likened you and your wife to christopher and dana reeve. what do you think about that? >> they're an incredible couple. an incredible family. he's an inspiration. somebody i look up to. he didn't quit until the day he died. and i'm going to take that same mentality to my fight, as well. >> reporter: but the best was
4:38 am
yet to come. he wanted to try it again. this time, he had a surprise. >> i have a little surprise i'd like to give my wife a hug here. have our wedding dance. >> oh. >> reporter: their wedding song, and the wedding dance they could never share until now. ♪ two people, a shared determination. and one beautiful story, better together. >> ferocious fight and recovery. and the power that we see there. so appropriate not just to see that couple have that dance. but to have robin bring us that story. >> i know. >> that just gets you.
4:39 am
>> a christmas miracle. >> what a wonderful story. >> it's a morning for inspiration here on "gma." coming up, how about a holiday classic with an incredible voice, katherine incr[ gwen ] i usekatherine eep on the tour bus between shows. but that doesn't happen much anymore. the creative process never stops. and songwriting is so hard, but i love it. these days, i guess i just don't want to miss a thing. [ laughs ] i miss you guys. that's me. and this is my windows phone. [ male announcer ] new windows phone. reinvented around you. ♪ it just wouldn't go away. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief
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with "the christmas song." ♪ chestnuts roasting on an open fire ♪ ♪ jack frost nipping at your nose ♪ ♪ yuletide carols being sung by a choir ♪ ♪ and folks dressed up like eskimos ♪ ♪ ev'rybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe ♪ ♪ help to make
4:44 am
the season bright ♪ ♪ tiny tots with their eyes all aglow ♪ ♪ will find it hard to sleep tonight ♪ ♪ they know that santa's on his way ♪ ♪ he's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh ♪ ♪ and every mother's child is gonna spy ♪ ♪ to see if reindeer really know how to fly ♪ ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase ♪
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♪ to kids from 1 to 92 ♪ although it's been said many times, many ways ♪ ♪ merry christmas to you ♪ ♪ ♪ and so i'm offering this simple phrase ♪
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>> merry christmas. and -- huh? >> merry christmas. >> mario batali. >> merry christmas to us. >> want to say merry christmas to robin. she's at home, watching between the toes. george spending well-deserved time with the fam. lara, sam and i happy to have mario batali. >> merry christmas, everybody. i'm ecstatic to be here. >> i heard you're not alone. >> i'm not alone.
5:00 am
i have two elves with me. ladies, can you bring out our beverages? >> this is a cranberry ginger collins. >> i shall pass it down. >> why do you like this for christmas drinks? >> the color is perfect. ginger is restorative, when you're having magnificent holidays. and the idea of collins, brings me back to the '60s. >> this is just a sampling of what's to come, right? we're going to get into serious recipes. >> yep. >> can't wait for all of that. can you get christmas delivered, ladies and gentlemen? can you? well, you can if you're robin roberts. "gma" and the whole team packed up christmas in a little suv. george did the driving. we can't wait to show you this in its entirety. we had so much fun. >> sam right there. sam's a little macgyver. >> he had to rig the scarves.
5:01 am
>> you have to keep going. if something goes wrong, you have to keep going. >> you're a man of intrigue. i never know with you, what we'll discover next. that's incredible. and this is going to be just fun. >> oh, boy. >> we have a gingerbread house challenge you don't want to miss. we're not competitive or anything. >> at all. >> josh, sam and i go head-to-head, to see who can build the prettiest gingerbread house. we're going to use you, mario, as one of our judges. >> i'm going to exploit you as our special roofer. i'll be losing this one. also, guess who is here. guess who is here. oh, yeah. >> right. >> they don't know. jolly st. nick has arrived. the little munchkins waiting with bated breath. we're pretaping this program this morning so we can spend time with our family and loved ones. we want to start you off with a live check of the top stories
5:02 am
developing right now. good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. while many here in the u.s. are just waking up, the holiday is in full swing elsewhere around the globe. abc's lama hasan has that story. >> reporter: from his balcony window at the vatican, in his traditional christmas address, pope benedict xvi has one clear message, peace in the middle east. and called for an end to the bloodshed in syria. all over the world, people are celebrating christmas. where jesus is believed to have been born, in the small town of bethlehem, with thousands of pilgrims flocking to manger square and the church of the nativity. to south africa, where one man was in their prayers today, president nelson mandela, who is spending the day recovering in the hospital. back here in britain, hundreds gathered to catch a glimpse of
5:03 am
the royal family, as they walked to their traditional morning church service, at the queen's 20-acre estate at sandringham. in afghanistan, troops away from their families, fighting on the front lines, treated to a special christmas meal and a candlelight service. but it's not quite like home. >> even though we'd like to be with our families, we realize the importance of what we're doing here. and we believe in it. >> reporter: and for some australians, it was a wet christmas. and they still managed to mark the day in their own way. >> merry christmas. >> reporter: for "good morning america," lama hasan, abc news, london. >> swimming down under sounds nice. there could be severe storms, even tornadoes in alabama, mississippi and louisiana. foggy this morning from tallahassee to atlanta. heavy snow in oklahoma. cold temps in the upper midwest. new york and baltimore will warm
5:04 am
up to the mid-40s. sacramento, portland and seattle are in the 40s, as well. miami hits 80 degrees. and finally, with all the gloomy news lately, we have a heartwarming story from wisconsin. the deleone family has practically doubled by adding three more children. the adoption should be final by february. the younger children, already feeling at home. lots of presents and love on this christmas morning. that's the news.
5:05 am
now, back to you. how about a little christmas edition of "pop news"? cheers to you all. >> cheers. >> cheers. >> it is so good for you. >> are you ready? >> we begin, mario batali, with this. amazing hairstyles, inspired by symbols of the season. first, everybody, this. we call this the wreath. you normally see them on doors. now, you hang it on your head. the wreath has 20 lights, fits securely over a bun. and there's this. it's a bouffant, sort of. shaped like a christmas tree. it holds 30 ornaments. these styles and there's others. we don't have time. these were designed by owner of michigan's -- there is one more hairstyle. there is one more entry. >> i think they copied you. you were the inspiration. >> the muse, if you will. >> the muse.
5:06 am
>> am i your muse? i hope to be. you're very quiet. >> that looks like a shrub on your head. that doesn't qualify as a coif, in my opinion. you look like a million dollars. >> thank you. more holiday "pop news," everybody. decorations. so many of you send snapshots of your pets decked out. first, we have zoe. zoe, is a 2-year-older t terrie mix. she took a little snooze. and there's claudey in philadelphia. her bulldog looks none too happy. thank you, sherry, for this picture. this is mr. rusty. >> that's glamorous. >> mr. rusty is doing a fashion spread there. i wonder if mr. rusty was a teen model, like you. >> oh. >> sam, do your best mr. rusty. >> i can't. no.
5:07 am
meow. >> one more time. thank you. thank you, mr. rusty. >> that's all i got. >> and then, we have toby. can we see toby? oh, toby. he's wrapped in lights. i'm not sure how i feel about that. but the reindeer ears. >> the opinion down here, don't dress your pets. >> come on. >> it's a special person that dresses their pet. very, very special person. >> thank you, all. we thank you all for those photos and for your mr. rusty. also, on this christmas edition of "pop news," what's the most comfortable way to celebrate christmas? here's a hint. they're red. they're green. and they're comfy all over. cue the tune. >> what is it? >> this is the new ditty out. ♪ you get some green sweats i get some red sweats ♪ ♪ we switch them up we have christmas sweats ♪
5:08 am
♪ you get some red sweats i get some green sweats ♪ ♪ we mix them up we have christmas sweats ♪ >> that song is trending on youtube. more than 2 million people have viewed the christmas sweats song. no. it really is. everybody, that is christmas "pop news." cheers. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." a very merry, merry morning. and look what else we have. robin roberts, everybody. it's our visit to her on this christmas. and then, we is our gingerbread house showdown. get ready, josh and sam. we're going head-to-head. and mario is judging. upstairs, santa is about to arrive. it's coming up on this amazing christmas edition on "gma."
5:09 am
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5:13 am
welcome back to the program. a merry christmas to all of you. i hope you're enjoying it there with your friends and loved ones at home. and we thank you for spending a little bit of it with us. and thank you, mario batali, for being with us. >> happy to be here. merry christmas, everybody. >> we wanted to bring this to you again. we had a wonderful time. recently, we got to bring holiday cheer to our dear friend, robin roberts. we showed you a couple of weeks ago. but we wanted to share it again. so much fun to have the fivesome back together again. take a look. >> robin, here we come. >> we got the tree. >> if by we, you mean me.
5:14 am
>> faith, family and friends. what the holidays are all about. >> hi. here we come, girl. ♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪ >> thanks for the gifts. >> the tree over here. >> thank you, sam. he did a lot of heavy lifting. >> he brought one -- >> one golden pine cone. >> it's to good to see you guys. >> we couldn't get back to the states. this is how old we are. our parents would give us the sears catalog, we would pick out our christmas gifts. >> my mom is a terrific baker. she would whip out the recipe book. >> we were not a sugar cereal household. on christmas, we could choose a box of our favorite breakfast cereal. >> what was your favorite?
5:15 am
>> my favorite was apple jacks. >> apple jacks? >> merry christmas. >> did you all have real trees? >> always real. >> we always had real. >> i saw somebody in the audience. didn't they have -- >> yes. >> an ornament? >> yes. it's right here. >> yes. that's what i saw on the show. >> isn't that great? >> of course, they're eating. we're decorating. nothing has changed. nothing has changed. >> supervising. >> i have a roberts family tradition. it's a lime sherbet with ginger ale, my mom made it all the time. >> after a glass of that delicious christmas punch, robin gave us each a gift. >> who has been naughty? and who has been nice? >> something i hope your family will enjoy together.
5:16 am
love you, robin. love you, robin. >> something to keep you arm. >> arsenal. arsenal. >> i love this. >> oh, wow. >> i love that. you were right. i love it. thank you. >> you're welcome. we still have to play. >> it's on. >> without cameras. >> from the very beginning you always brought joy in my life. love you, robin. >> i worked with sam the longest. 2006. >> oh, my gosh. >> this was our first trip together. the justin timberlake concert in memphis. >> in memphis. i remember it. oh, my god. that's fantastic. >> robin reminded all of us when your friends are your family and your friendly are your friends, you're truly blessed. >> the biggest present is having you here in my home. i watch you every morning. i miss you. i'm there with you. i cannot wait. come on, 2013. >> can we rearrange real quick?
5:17 am
i want robin to my left. i missed robin to my left. >> i love this. >> we're assuming our positions. >> there you go. >> that feels right. >> it feels right. this feels right. >> i like having you back in the seat. >> you know what? i am glad you did this. it does feel right. >> let's do a mock broadcast. >> it is so, so good to see you. >> family. >> to family. >> to health and happiness in the new year. >> to 2013. bring it. >> bring it on. >> what's the next big milestone in your head? >> the next big milestone in my head is coming back to work. coming back to my life. and i never define myself by my work. none of us have. we enjoy what we do. but it's the normalcy. when the alarm goes off at 3:45,
5:18 am
i'm going to be happy. >> my life is really normal. on wednesday, that wears off. we can't wait for that day. >> i like that phrase that someone gave me. family, we may not have it all together. but together, we have it all. >> that's a great motto. >> it's true. it's true. we now get to the gingerbread house challenge. we have rouhouses that won the national gingerbread house competition with us this morning. these are unbelievable. here to tell us about them is chef rachel willon and mario batali. this won the team competition. this won the team competition. it's all about the muppets. >> this is carly owens. she was inspired by the christmas muppet movie. she's 17 years old. she has entered multiple
5:19 am
contests. the last year she can enter as a teen. >> is this edible? >> the entire thing is edible. this is solid gingerbread. on the inside, it's reenforced with icing. >> what's gonzo making? >> she spent 128 hours making the figures. >> there's no time limit? like our challenge. >> no time limit. some of these people spend all year making these. the skeletons inside are angel hair pasta. and a lot of the decoration is made out of fondit. >> this one is totally different. but a big winner in the competition. >> this is the second place adult winner. >> just incredible. >> linda karny. these are difficult to make.
5:20 am
over a hemisphere mold. another pasta note. they are held together with penne pasta held together with icing. you can go as far as the imagination. >> that's good to know. >> for our 45-second competition. >> and finally, the big winner. >> grand prize winner. absolutely amazing. 100% edible. 100% gingerbread. ann bailey invented this theme. >> this is a gingerbread house. >> she invented a thing called ginger jell, which is a clay she makes from powdered gingerbread. corn syrup and gelatin. >> it's really that nexus point between craft and art.
5:21 am
>> a three-stop intersection here. this gel thing is fascinating me. i don't know how to make it. when people go crazy on craft, that's when it's the most beautiful. they can stretch it. you're going to stick candy to the roof. these people are living out -- >> we're going to do way more. >> this is the creative process. >> that hurts. >> shall we? >> here's what we're doing. these people had as much time as they needed. we don't have that luxury here on "good morning america." we three have 45 seconds each. and all of these tools, very fair. everybody gets the same things. you guys, two of the best chefs we know, will judge. so, should we put 45 seconds on the clock? >> i need some helpers. everybody, right here. i'm going to -- >> ready? someone tell us to go. >> start putting candy. >> ready, set, go. >> come on, guys. >> come on, guys. >> come on, guys.
5:22 am
thanks. >> really has all of the helpers in. >> get in there. >> you guys will stick some candy on here, i will give you candy. >> everybody, right in here. there you go. keep going. keep going. >> i know. look at that. >> josh, what are you doing there? >> it's my take on an igloo. >> all the candy you want on there. >> oh, my gosh. it's too fast. only 20 seconds left. >> get in there, guys. >> josh is taking an early lead. >> i like that. >> it takes a village. it takes a village. >> too quick. >> you can do it. >> that's it, yeah. >> all right. okay. walk away from it. walk away from it. hands away. hands away. >> hands down. >> i got too into it. i was trying to get too particular. >> uh-huh. >> that's interesting. >> hey, everybody.
5:23 am
give yourselves a hand, all right? >> way to go. way to go. >> so? >> i know judging is going to be difficult. >> yes. >> but we require a verdict on an absolute winner. >> i have looked at all three of the techniques. all three of the capabilities. all three of the skill sets. >> right. >> and the imagination. >> the imagination has run wild in one particular example. >> which one would it be? >> ladies and gentlemen, the winner -- >> we won, everybody. we won. we won. we won. >> you guys won. >> and now, you have this beautiful gingerbread trophy. >> come here. come here. >> there are no losers, of course. >> all of my chefs. come here, guys. >> this is a gingerbread pumpkin
5:24 am
cheesecake. >> oh, yes. >> share them. >> way to go. >> delicious. >> all right. >> you can have a piece of candy. as many as you like. >> tell you what. you can enjoy -- i think we have a big surprise, actually, everybody. i think we have a really big surprise. >> we have a really big surprise. >> a huge surprise. >> eat's better than candy. hey, everybody, look who it is. >> ho, ho, ho. merry christmas. merry christmas. >> santa. come on in, santa. come on in. >> got such great helpers. santa actually has gifts, i think. >> yeah. >> this is wonderful. >> hi. >> this is great. >> a few more gifts. >> how about if we give some out, santa? >> sure. let's go. >> who has been good? raise your hands? who has been naughty? >> we have green packages.
5:25 am
the green packages are for the younger kids. and the red packages are for the older kids. >> all right. >> that's for you. >> oh. come here, buddy. come on. >> that's the way i feel sometimes. >> oh. >> that's great. >> open your presents. rip right open. >> they're for you. >> great. >> packages for everybody. santa, how are you? >> oh, how are you? >> good to see you. >> it's a pleasure. >> rip them open, guys. there you go. you go. >> i would argue we're being holly and jolly right now. we enjoy jolly ole st. nick. we come back, cooking with mario and singing "silent night."
5:26 am
5:27 am
5:28 am
5:29 am
♪ andre rieu, with "silent night." we're looking forward to hearing more of that. we wish you all a merry christmas morning to everyone at home. thank you for joining us today, spending a little bit of time with us on the holiday.
5:30 am
robin, of course, at home recovering, enjoying the holiday. george is with his family. great to have georsam, lara and very special guest. >> the one and only. >> merry christmas, everybody. >> what is the perfect christmas morning breakfast? well, this man knows the answer. he's going to make it for us. and you're going to find out how to make it at home. in case you haven't got it all rolling yet. >> it's simple. and you're going to give us the recipe. if you're getting up late this morning, why not make it this morning? we want to admit to everybody, we're pretaping this show. we're actually at home with our families right now and our loved ones, enjoying christmas. we want to give you a live look at the top stories developing right now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm paula faris. if you're traveling on this christmas day, severe weather could pose a problem. strong storms are hitting the gulf coast, with the possibility of tornados. and there's heavy fog from
5:31 am
tallahassee to atlanta. as for the rest of the nation's weather, cold in the upper midwest. with the windchill, fargo's going to feel like 35 below. new york and baltimore will warm up to the mid-40s. sacramento, portland, seattle, in the 40s, as well. miami, coming in at 80. and in suburban rochester, about 100 people attended an impromptu memorial vigil for two firefighters that were killed. police say an ex-con, william spengler, set a car and a house on fire as an ambush. he then killed himself. his sister who lived in the house remains unaccounted for.
5:32 am
and the entertainment world is mourning jack klugman. he played medical examiner "quincy." charles durning has passed away. you may not recognize the name. but you'll recognize that face from dozens of films, plays and tv shows. he won a tony for "cat on a hot, tin roof." pope benedict concentrated on the middle east in his christmas day message. he said the slaughter of civilians must end. and negotiations between israel and palestinians must begin. merry christmas. that's the news. back to you. merry christmas morning. we're here with mario batali, our special christmas co-host. he kicked off the 12 days of christmas countdown.
5:33 am
why not have him back for the perfect holiday breakfast. >> and try, i will, sam. let's start with keeping the idea that you're really all about presents. you're relaxing. you're with family. you don't want any difficult issues. we're going to make a simple frittata. we're going to take eight eggs here. >> i cannot wait to use the magic whisker. >> i heard you're a giant whiskerer around here. you can put anything into it. leftover vegetables. i like mushrooms because it's seasonal. >> can you whisk too much? >> you can never overwhisk, in my house, sam. we have a little -- we let it go like that. we're going to cook them until they're sweated down, so they look like this. >> that is gorgeous. >> mr. rusty, is this looking good over here? >> that's gorgeous. >> nothing says holiday like some sweating mushrooms. >> absolutely right.
5:34 am
we're going to add salt and pepper. >> all right. >> i'm going to have you carefully hold that while i launch the mushrooms in, without hurting your delicate hands. and then, we're going to stir that one more time. >> you just lost the mushrooms. i don't mind driving it home. would you like to help me with some parmesan cheese? >> i would be grateful to. and do you just -- >> we're going to add some chives for the party. you need it back on? what do you need on? >> get them going, just like they were. >> okay. >> then, we throw that in, like that. if you're feeling particularly nonrisk aversive, cook it on one side. and when it's almost done and slightly set on the top, you go like that. if you didn't feel you were up to that, you would pop it in the oven and let it sit 350 for 20
5:35 am
minutes until it fully sets. >> how long does it take you to learn the move? how many times -- >> let's go back to the outl outlayers. once you've done it 10,000 hours, you can throw your sleeve over. all those guys at the train station, they practice 10,000 hours before it looks effortless. now the frittata's done. you can serve it hot or room temperature. and bring it out like that. and cut it like a pie into wedges. i need my parmesan princess to do one little sprinkle here. don't be afraid. make it snow, baby. make it snow. and there you have a perfect frittata. you could make this in advance. the next dish i like to show, is french toast. this is a classic italian holiday bread. >> you get these as gifts.
5:36 am
>> you never know what to do with them. a lot of kids are afraid of the fruit and raisins. so, hiding it in powdered sugar. we put cranberry syrup. and we have the green and the red, just like the sweat switch. ♪ i have green pajamas >> you have christmas pajamas. >> it's red. it's green. it's holiday relaxing. the presents are open. >> everybody eat. >> you can get the recipes from our website, on yahoo! and check out mario on "the chew." it airs weekdays, 1:00 eastern. we'll be back with a very special performance of "silent night." stay with us.
5:37 am
♪ ♪ today is saturday
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♪ [ applause ] ♪
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5:45 am
you have to love it. that song's really resonating here. that's the song we did in "pop news." it has 2 million hits on youtube. i'm trying desperately to save it. >> merry christmas to everybody.
5:46 am
and our good friend, mario, is joining us today. it's been terrific to have you here. >> what a gift. >> i understand that you have gifts for us. >> i do. and my elves would like to bring them in for us right now. thank you, ladies. these are italian specialties all about the kitchen. if you can have the sauce that has your picture on the label, that's the one you should have. but if you can't, you should give it to someone you trust. >> that's great. >> and cutting boards. and olive oil. >> thank you, mario. >> if you feel like makes the toast at another time, here's that. and my favorite vinegar. it's delicious. it tastes good on everything. >> now, i don't have to go shopping today. >> that's right. >> we got you a silver ball. >> and a really cool duck. >> thank you so much. >> we'll be right back.
5:47 am
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5:49 am
♪ thank you for spending your christmas morning with us. thanks to santa. and thanks to the gingerbread houses. and thank you, mario batali. >> you know who we want to thank? the incredible people who help us every, single day. you see us. but there's so many we work with. we want to thank you so much, "gma" team. >> how about we thank you at
5:50 am
home for spending your christmas day with us. from our family, all of us at "gma," we're going to show you everybody's names in a second, to you at home. happy holidays and merry christmas. >> merry christmas. ♪ ♪
5:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
5:56 am
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. good morning and merry christmas. i'm eric thomas. major fire battle going on now in the south bay. we'll have details. creek concerns continue on the peninsula. ahead the close eye utility crews are keeping on levees in east palo alto. >> plus, new video shows firefighters putting out christmas outage hits netflix. what the says is blaming the problem istmas feast that will me
5:57 am
a very merry christmas for thousands in need.ncis now withr forecast. good morning. welcome back. thank you eric, good morning everyone and merry christmas. live doppler picking up on the rain slated to move through christmas day. you can see heavy rainfall on the northern coast it going to slide through the bay area by lunchtime when it hits the golden gate bridge late morning we'll see rain in "k north bay. right now upper 30s. 41 napa, 46 oakland. going to stay around 50s today for the most part, low 50s around the bay area. it will be breezy this afternoon, it will turn into showers tomorrow then it will be dry and cool for thursday! we have a longer chance to dry out starting thursday. in san francisco, wet, 53°, 55
5:58 am
san jose. heavy rain and breezy this afternoon, showers tomorrow, dry thursday and to the weekend. more ahead on this christmas edition of the abc7 morning news. back in about 60 seconds.
5:59 am
good morning everyone. live doppler 7 hd is tracking a christmas day storm bringing more rain, wind and snow to northern california. good morning. merry christmas.


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